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Eastown Theatre, 8041 Harper Avenue, Detroit, MI: Performance List 1969 - 1973 (Work In Progress)

Originally a movie theater that operated from 1930 until 1967, it was also a big concert venue from 1969 thru 1973 seating 2,500 people. It was forced to shut down in 1973 by the city of Detroit, cited for failing to meet health and safety codes. In 1975, it reopened as a jazz venue, which remained in operation for about a year. After this, it was used for a short time for performing arts and live theater, but again closed down. In 1980, the Eastown began to show adult films under a new name, the Showcase, but closed again in 1984. From 1984 until 1990, the Eastown was again home to a performing arts group. During the mid-90s, the Eastown hosted raves, and later housed a church. Today, the building is closed, abandoned and for sale.

May 29, 1969: SRC / Teegarden & Van Winkle / Savage Grace / Catfish "Grand Opening Night"

June 6-7, 1969: MC5 (6-7) / Illinois Speed Press (6-7) / The Stooges (6) / Up (7)

June 13-14, 1967: The Bonzo Dog Band (13-14) / Smokestack Lightning (13-14) / Wilson Mower Pursuit (13) / Frijid Pink (14)

June 27-28, 1969: The Buddy Miles Express / The Amboy Dukes / Rush

July 6, 1969: The Stooges

July 11-12, 1969: Muddy Waters / Big Mama Thorton / Head Over Heels

July 13, 1969: The Stooges / MC-5 / Up "Legal Self Defense Presents The People Of Michigan Salute John Sinclair for his Heroic Work in the Community"

July 18-19, 1969: Howlin' Wolf / SRC / 20th Century Zoo

July 25-26, 1969: Grand Funk Railroad / Howlin' Wolf (unconfirmed)

August 1-2, 1969: Sweetwater / Head Over Heels/ The Früt

August 8-9, 1969: Alice Cooper / Savage Grace / All the Lonely People

August 13, 1969: Terry Reid

Eastown closes until mid-September after this above gig......

September 19-20, 1969: B. B. King / Albert King / Savoy Brown

September 26-27, 1969: Eric Burdon & War / Mountain / The Flock

October 3-4, 1969: The Steve Miller Band / Pacific Gas & Electric / Head Over Heels

October 10-11, 1969: Savage Grace / The Stuart Avery Assemblage / Carousel / Shiva

October 17, 1969: Sly & The Family Stone / Lee Michaels

October 24-25, 1969: The Chambers Brothers / Lighthouse / Aum

October 31, 1969: Spirit / Blodwyn Pig / Canned Heat

November 1, 1969: Spirit / Blodwyn Pig / Taj Mahal

November 11-12, 1969: Jefferson Airplane / The Sons / King Crimson

November 28-29, 1969: Chicago

December 5-6, 1969: Fleetwood Mac / The Buddy Miles Express / Eric Mercury

December 12-13, 1969: The Litter / Love Sculpture / Valhalla / All the Lonely People

December 19-20, 1969: Terry Reid / Zephyr / Head Over Heels / Catfish

December 26-27, 1969: The Flock / The Stooges / Savage Grace

December 31, 1969: Grand Funk Railroad / Savage Grace / Head Over Heels /Bobby Franklin Insanity

January 2-3, 1970: Alice Cooper / The Flamin' Groovies / SRC

January 9-10, 1970: MC5 / Kaleidoscope / Mr. Clean
First night the MC5 set cut short by fire! and the second night was canceled due to previous night's fire (MC5 played at Grande Ballroom instead).

January 16-17, 1970: Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels (16-17) / The Tea (16) / Head Over Heels (16-17) / Jack Burningtree (16-17) / The Früt (17)

January 23-24, 1970: Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes / Cold Blood / Steve Booker

January 25, 1970: MC5 / Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels / The Rationals / The Bob Seger System / Wilson Mower Pursuit / Commander Cody / All the Lonely People / Speakers: Ed Sanders, Skip Taube "Free John Sinclair Fund Benefit"

January 30-31, 1970: Alice Cooper / The Stooges / The Früt

February 6-7, 1970: Chuck Berry / The Flamin' Groovies / The Woolies

February 13-14, 1970: Jack Bruce & Friends (13-14) / Savage Grace (13) / The Tea (13-14) / Steve Booker (13-14) / Teegarden & Van Winkle (14)

February 20, 1970: Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes / The Frost / Brownsville Station

February 27-28, 1970: Savoy Brown / Renaissance (with Keith Relf) / Southwind

March 6-7, 1970: Ten Years After / Pig Iron / Fiddler Crab

March 13-14, 1970: War (with Eric Burdon) / Family / Shiva

March 20-21, 1970: Joe Cocker / Mountain / Stone The Crows

March 27-28, 1970: John Mayall (27) / Savage Grace (27-28) / Rose (27-28) / The Rationals (27-28) / Taj Mahal (28)

April 3-4, 1970: Rod Stewart & The Faces / Zephyr / Argent

April 10-11, 1970: Lee Michaels (10-11) / Ronnie Hawkins (10-11) / The Bump (10) / Savage Grace (11)

April 24-25, 1970: Pink Floyd / The Frost

May 1-3, 1970: Rod Stewart & The Faces (1-3) / Hard Meat (1-2) / Justice (1-2) / The Tea (1) / Richmond (2-3) / Savoy Brown (3)

May 8-9, 1970: Blue Cheer / Troyka / John Drake's Shakedown

May 15-16, 1970: Savage Grace / Fairport Convention / Cradle

May 20, 1970: Mountain / Savage Grace

May 22-23, 1970: Lee Michaels / Cold Blood / Sky

May 29-30, 1970: Jethro Tull / Mott The Hoople / Shorty (with Georgie Fame) / Clouds

June 5-6, 1970: Traffic (5-6) / The Third Power (5) / Steve Booker (5-6) /Justice (6 and maybe 5 too)

June 12-13, 1970: Dr. John / Gypsy / Catfish

June 19-20, 1970: Ten Years After / Ambergris / Salvage

June 26-27, 1970: Procol Harum / Brethren / Cradle

July 3-4, 1970: The Stooges / Blodwyn Pig / John Drake's Shakedown

July 10-11, 1970: Leon Russell / Savage Grace / All the Lonely People

July 14, 1970: Jethro Tull / Cactus / Justice

July 17-18, 1970: Cactus / The Frost / The Up

July 23-25, 1970: Procol Harum / Silver Metre / Everlon Nevermore

July 31 and August 1, 1970: Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes / Toe Fat / The Rationals

August 7-8, 1970: closed due to the Goose Lake Pop Festival...

August 14-15, 1970: Johnny Winter / Alice Cooper / Tin House

August 21-22, 1970: The Frost / Savage Grace / Chicken Shack / Justice

September 4-5, 1970: Fleetwood Mac / The Stooges / Springwell

September 11-12, 1970: Savoy Brown (11-12) / Illusion (11-12) / The Frost (11) / Justice (12)

September 18-19, 1970: Mountain / Mylon / Cradle / Humble Pie / Magic Veil

September 25-26, 1970: Cactus (25-26) / The Bob Seger System (25) / Universal Family (25-26) / Frijid Pink (26)

October 2-3, 1970: Lee Michaels / Catfish / Hard Meat

October 9-10, 1970: Alice Cooper / Cradle / Mutzie / Chicken Shack (unconfirmed)

October 16-17, 1970: Rod Stewart & The Faces / Mungo Jerry / Haystack's Balboa

October 23-24, 1970: Steve Miller Band / Brethren / Lights by Magic Veil  

October 28, 1970: Jethro Tull

October 30-31, 1970: Leon Russell / Clouds / Ballin' Jack

November 6-7,1970: Procol Harum (6) / Mylon (6-7) / May Blitz (6-7) / Power of Zeus (6-7) / Traffic (7)

November 13-14, 1970: Mott The Hoople (cancelled) / The Stooges / Skid Row / Illusion / Allman Brothers Band

November 20-21, 1970: The Edgar Winter Group / The Frost

November 25-26, 1970: Savoy Brown / Black Sabbath / Quartermass

November 27-28, 1970: Elton John / If / Catfish / Jam Band (unconfirmed)

December 3, 1970: Derek & The Dominoes / Toe Fat / Damnation of Adam Blessing

December 4-5, 1970: Van Morrison / The Siegel-Schwall Blues Band / David Rea

December 11-12, 1970: The Kinks / Quartermass / The Bob Seger System

December 18-19, 1970: Mountain (18-19) / Mutzie (18) / Milan (18-19) / Humble Pie (18-19; unconfirmed) / Elephant (19)

December 25-26, 1970: Love / Alice Cooper / The Früt

December 31, 1970: Illusion / Sweetwater / Catfish / Mutzie / Head Over Heels / Elephant

January 8-9, 1971: Free / The Siegel-Schwall Blues Band / Hammer

January 15-16, 1971: Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band / Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes / Ry Cooder 

January 22-23, 1971: Lee Michaels / Brethren / Salvage

January 29-30, 1971: Canned Heat (29) / Butterfield Blues Band (30) / MC5 (29-30) / The Third Power (29-30)

February 5-6, 1971: Mylon / Spencer Davis & Peter Jameson / Cradle

February 26-27, 1971: The Allman Brothers Band / The J. Geils Band / Mutzie

March 5-6, 1971: Cactus / The J. Geils Band / The Sunday Funnies

March 12-13, 1971: Fleetwood Mac / Black Sabbath / Sir Lord Baltimore

March 19, 1971: Eric Burdon & War / Badfinger / Wishbone Ash

March 20, 1971: Mountain / McKendree Spring / Wishbone Ash

March 26, 1971: Canned Heat / John Lee Hooker / Dada

March 27-28, 1971: Hunble Pie / Johnny Winter / Dada

April 2-3, 1971: The Kinks (2-3) / Mylon (2-3) / Zephyr (2-3) / Bob Seger (3; unconfirmed)

April 9-10, 1971: Butterfield Blues Band / T-Rex / Tower of Power

April 16-17, 1971: Procol Harum / The J. Geils Band / Trapeze

April 23-24, 1971: Emerson, Lake & Palmer / Curved Air / Crowbar / Sweathog

April 30 and May 1, 1971: John Mayall / Mandrill / Randall's Island

May 7-8, 1971: Mott The Hoople / The Siegel-Schwall Blues Band / Swallow

May 14-15, 1971: Lee Michaels / Boz Scaggs / Mason Proffitt

May 21-22, 1971: The Stooges / Illusion / Fanny

May 28-29, 1971: Buddy Miles (28-29) / Teegarden & Van Winkle (28-29) / The Third Power (28) / Mutzie (29)

June 4-5, 1971: Alice Cooper / The Flamin' Groovies / Wild Man Fischer / Glass Harp

June 11-12, 1971: The Allman Brothers Band / The J. Geils Band / Cowboy

June 18-19, 1971: Edgar Winter's White Trash / Mott the Hoople / Sweathog

June 25-26, 1971: The Rascals / Rita Coolidge & The Dixie Flyers / Cradle

July 2-3, 1971: no shows due to the "Detroit Rock Roll Revival" at the State Fairgrounds...

July 9-10, 1971: Bloodrock / The Hampton Grease Band / Suite Charity

July 16-17, 1971: Savage Grace / Humble Pie / Soft Machine / Yes

July 23-24, 1971: Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes / Blue Scepter (formerly SRC) / Glass Harp / The Früt

September 3-4, 1971: Savoy Brown / The Atomic Rooster / Skid Row

September 10-11, 1971: Chuck Berry / The J. Geils Band / The Woolies

September 17-18, 1971: Cactus / Savage Grace / Boomerang

September 24-25, 1971: Mountain / David Rea / Mutzie

October 8-9, 1971: Traffic / Fairport Convention

October 15-16, 1971: Fleetwood Mac / Angus / Tucky Buzzard

October 23-24, 1971: Grateful Dead / New Riders of the Purple Sage

October 26, 1971: Pink Floyd

October 29-30, 1971: Lee Michaels / Mylon LeFevre & Holy Smoke / Rory Gallagher

November 6, 1971: Quicksilver Messenger Service

November 12-13, 1971: Procol Harum / King Crimson / Blues Project

November 15-16, 1971: Emerson / Lake & Palmer / Yes

November 18-19, 1971: "Jesus Christ Superstar"

November 20, 1971: The Doors / The Wackers

November 25-27 (25 not confirmed), 1971: Savoy Brown / Atomic Rooster / Potliquor

December 2, 1971: James Gang / Jake Jones / Julia

December 3-4, 1971: King Crimson / Sweathog / Rock 'N Foo / Wylie

December 9-10, 1971: Humble Pie / The J. Geils Band / The Früt

December 11, 1971: Mountain / Belle Arc / Cradle "last show of venue's original run"

December 13, 1971: Mayor Gribbs makes Detroit safe for Democracy by shutting down the Eastown on this date...

December 17-18, 1971: Dr. John / Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes / Flower Travelling Band "cancelled with love by the City of Detroit..."

July 19, 1973: Joe Walsh / REO Speedwagon / Estus "the Re-Opening of the Eastown..."

August 3-4, 1973: Bloodrock / Mahogany Rush

September 21-22, 1973: Quicksilver / White Witch / Marcus


  1. Thanks for putting this together!

    Regarding the following:
    January 15-16, 1971: Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band / Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes / Ry Cooder / Alice Cooper (unconfirmed)

    I was there (not sure if it was Jan 15 or 16) and Alice Cooper did not perform. Ry Cooder opened the show, just him sitting in a chair with his guitar. Captain Beefheart played second. Then the Amboy Dukes closed the show. Surprisingly, I believe the Dukes had top billing.

    1. so Alice Cooper did not perform? great news, thanks so much!!


    2. Same way. I was there, but not sure which day. No Alice Cooper. Ry Cooder was by himself in a chair, then Beefheart, and then (surprisingly) local boy Teddy and the Dukes closed the show with a bomb. Literally, they ended the show with some sort of explosion.

      Yes, thanks much Bruno.

  2. the alice copper shows on Dec 24-25 1970 were for people who couldn't stand to spend X-mas with their family's......also alice rigged speakers in the back of the balcony...remember it as if it was yesterday......Grande or Eastown every weekend....$3.00...WTF.....tell me a story

  3. somehow this list does not include Taj Mahal concert stopped by fire in ac ducts....

  4. God do I remember all the shows. King Crimson, Pink Floyd. My birthday bash with Mott the Hoople & Edgar Winter & White Trash. Damn, no one will believe any of the shows I talk about. I miss the old days....
    Rick Randall

  5. March 12-13, 1971: Fleetwood Mac / Black Sabbath / Sir Lord Baltimore, I was at this concert, for some reason I thought Blue Oyster Cult played that night too. Could be wrong, it has happened once or twice. Rick

    1. thanks Rick, but actually by the time (March 1971) Blue Oyster Cult were still called Stalk-Forrest Group...


  6. Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you,
    I nearly lived here during a decade that I have no recollection, the concert dates now tell me where I was ........
    Man, driving from Windsor through the tunnel and getting past customs, getting home, don't remember:)
    But the shows ,,,,,,,,,,, will never forget/remember/forget/remember/ for.................
    So cool to see this info after all these years and once again THANKS for posting this.

  7. Boy, am I happy to find this site. I used to go almost every weekend from Melvindale to see the shows. One show I remember not going to because I didn't know who the band was "Derek & the Dominos". I keep regretting that now. But like the guy from Canada, I remember going to the shows but was so messed up on acid or other drugs that things are a blur. But it was fun & glad I survived. Detroit rocked then!!!!!!

  8. great memories-my brother and I were down there often-wasnt Emerson Lake & Palmer there? We were thoroughly stoned so maybe another venue!!

  9. Very cool listing. I went many times but I need to stare at this list a bit more to try to remember specific shows. Two I do remember: July '71 with Savage Grace/Humble Pie/Yes/Soft Machine and then later that same year with Yes opening for ELP. I loved Savage Grace back in the day but it's hard to imagine they were headlining over Humble Pie and Yes, especially considering how the careers of those bands ended up playing out. But hey, it was Detroit and Savage Grace was ours.

  10. Canned Heat, Chicago, Jethro Tull. 16 Yrs old when I entered and 23 yrs old when exited.

    Harvey Bogarat

  11. Canned Heat, Chicago, Jethro Tull. 16 Yrs old when I entered and 23 yrs old when exited.

    Harvey Bogarat

  12. What about the concerts held there in 1968, Procol Harum for instance!!!

  13. Bruno, I would like to collect people's stories about the Detroit rock scene of the late 60's early 70's. Do you mind if I post my email address in a comment here?

  14. Did you have Joe Cocker on this list, I think I saw him at least once.

  15. December 9-10 (9 not confirmed), 1971: Humble Pie / The J. Geils Band / The Früt. Did play the 9th. I was there both nights. The seen Mountain on the 11th.

  16. I am sure the Grease Band played, summer 1971.

  17. Well Done Bruno! Thank You! There are bands I had forgotten! SRC, Savage Grace!

  18. keep this alive phans....we shared so many mind blowing nights.....RIP Keith Emerson the april 71 shows were %&*(^&%&&.....micro dots first night second night we went with out any drugs to see if what we saw the first night really happened .....first row up stairs next to Magic Vail light show.....Bomb Pops 25 cents

  19. what about the Hate-Ins in Rouge Park......any one??

  20. some how I member Mad Dogs and English Men......??? Cocker Leon Russell..maybe a Halloween show

    1. I remember it was around Easter. It was one of the best shows ever!

    2. I was there in March. Expected Joe but was surprised by stage full of musicians and Leon Russell's with hippie entourage...maybe even a dog. What a HUGE sound. What a show. Memories...✌

  21. Sonic's Rendezvous / The Pontiac Punks / Ted Lucas solo --late 76 or early '77 plus The Tulsa City Truckers were busking in the lobby

  22. Paul Warren (Richard Marx, Joe Cocker, Tina Turner and Rod Stewart) and I played with a group called Justice back in 1970. We opened for Jethro Tull, Traffic and Rod Stewart and the Small Faces. Only together for about six months, yet experienced some amazing times performing in concert, recording a LP, and all while we were in 11th grade at Plymouth High. It's great to be able to still remember some of it, after all these years. Larry C.

  23. The Eastown was re-opened for a Saturday afternoon show; The Rockets and Sonics Rendezvous Band, sometime in the mid - late 70's.

  24. -- Loved the Eastown. I was at many of the above concerts. Drove over from Windsor. I especially remember the Eric Burdon and War show in September, 1969. The border guard would always ask, "Where are you going?" I'd say, The "Eastown Theater." I'm not sure he knew it was a wild rock theater. I think he thought it was like a movie theater. Anyways, good times for a Windsor kid at the Eastown in Detroit.

  25. I was 16 when our group of "hippies" drove up from Toledo and I had no idea where we were going till we got there and the marquee said Eric Burdon & War. I was the young one and when the Flock too the stage I was in the Easttown toilet cramping from bad microdot. Recovered just in time to see the Flock and the rest is history. What an amazing performance I didn't know what this place was but it was incredible. Then, Mountain. Fringed leather jacket on this massive man, tiny guitar and Leslie West's face contorting to all the bent notes he'd hit. Now idea, at that time, who either of these bands were. Mountain had played at Woodstock but I didn't know that till much later. Eric Burdon & War was anti-climactic. I guess he was all heroined out and it showed. But all my friends have heard about the Flock and Mountain concert way too many times. The Yes and ELP. Savoy Brown with Chris Youlden. Soft Machine played first and not for long, that was disappointing. Curved Air, Wishbone Ash very memorable, I made it there maybe 5-6 times.
    Now I'm almost 64 and these memories never fade.


  26. come on you old frats lets post up some more old stories.....was there a Mad Dogs and Englishmen show on Halloween.......Leon brought out a pumpkin and placed it atop his piano ??? or was that Micro Dot flashback

    1. Mad Dogs and Englishmen was one of greatest shows ever and my intro to Leon. Became a life long friend. Mountain and I think it was Stone the Crows also was on the bill. Mountain went on for a real long time, thought it would never end. MD&E so loud, it seemed the balcony was going to come crashing down. That was a solo Leon concert when he came walking out with a pumpkin on his head and then put it on the piano. Leon and the Shelter People. Great music, great times.

  27. Despite all the nit picking I think you did an incredible job listing all the acts that performed at the Eastown Theatre one of the on most incredible Rock Ballrooms of it's time! I grew up and lived just 6 blocks away and me and my friends went to all or if not almost all the shows from when it first opened. From Joe Cocker & THE MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN with Leon Russell, Rita Coolidge and a Band of about 50 people / Mountain / Stone The Crows to Ten Years, Chuck Berry who just died to Tull and the JGeils Band , Elton John and to many to list that we saw for $4 to $5 a night and didn't leave until 2: to 3: to even 4: am after a lot of on chords. I did my first hit of Black Acid there at 14 and then on to Sunshine, LSD 25 and so on. There will never, ever be a place with so much talent in one place.

  28. From Sam Kaner - Despite all the nit picking I think you did an incredible job listing all the acts that performed at the Eastown Theatre one of the on most incredible Rock Ballrooms of it's time! I grew up and lived just 6 blocks away and me and my friends went to all or if not almost all the shows from when it first opened. From Joe Cocker & THE MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN with Leon Russell, Rita Coolidge and a Band of about 50 people / Mountain / Stone The Crows to Ten Years, Chuck Berry who just died to Tull and the JGeils Band , Elton John and to many to list that we saw for $4 to $5 a night and didn't leave until 2: to 3: to even 4: am after a lot of on chords. I did my first hit of Black Acid there at 14 and then on to Sunshine, LSD 25 and so on. There will never, ever be a place with so much talent in one place.

  29. i was there in the 70s after i got out of the service. all i can remember for obvious reasons is the first band to play was fanny, i believe was an all girls band. sometime after the middle of the concert the cops came in and they said everbody had to leave, because they over sold the concert and people were sitting in the isles which they said was a fire hazzard.

  30. I was at the Saturday, March 13th 1971 show at the Eastown. We luckily had advance tickets for Black Sabbath because it was sold out! People were hitting us up for extra tickets almost the entire walk there. Finally reaching the Theatre due to the long walk there because our regular parking spots were filled, we were amazed at the huge crowd outside that did not have tickets. There were 3 or 4 people risking their lives crawling up the facade of the building trying to get into the 2nd and 3rd story windows! I was in my freshman year at Albion College, and went with my room mate and a couple of other people. We ended up dead nuts center about 12 rows back, sitting on the floor. I scored a “lime green flat” at the second floor drug bazaar. Lord Baltimore opened and damn, they were loud! We couldn’t figure out who was going to be the headliner, Fleetwood Mac had a huge historic reputation, but Sabbath were the up and comers with their recently released Paranoid album and single. Well, out came Black Sabbath as the second act, and they put on an incredible show!! Ozzie was wearing the same outfit as at the Nov. 25th or 26th 1970 show there when Savoy Brown was the headliner, a long sleeved white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The band was fantastic! We screamed for an encore, and Ozzie came running out; “Are you rea for our big numba?” He screamed out in his heavy accent, Yes! We were! They proceeded to do “Fairys Wear Boots” The lyrics were not quite the same as on the album, however. “cause smokin and trippin is all that you do” became “cause laughing and joking is all that you do” My room mate Bob R. and I looked at each other and went “sell out” lol! Apparently Sabbath did not take too kindly to not being the closing act, because at the end of their set their road crew removed the ENTIRE sound system! Fleetwood Mac came out with only the cheap Eastown PA and their stage monitors. The band came out totally drunk! Mick Fleetwood was a drunken mess, and they started about 6 songs, including Station Man, but were unable to complete a single song! Unbeknownst to us at the time, Peter Green was sitting in on one of his rare appearances after quitting the band, which may have contributed to the over indulgence. I regret to say now, that I jeered the band as they stumbled off the stage with shouts of “We want our money back!” The removal of the sound system is the only reason I know we were at the Saturday show, lol.

    1. Those are memories, thanks Bill!

    2. I was at Black Sabbath’s first show at the Eastown, not the usual band or music I liked, I thought they headlined but it wasn’t with peter greens Fleetwood Mac!!
      Sabbath was so good a great show indeed!!! Saw them a year later I think a the Michigan state fairgrounds at about 4:30 or 5:00 in the afternoon a rock n roll revival fest! Huge crowd on the field of speedway! We were so so burnt from the sun!!! By 5:00 another great show with a to. Of great bands!!!

    3. A ton of great bands!!!

  31. Ha, ha, thanks! I’ll soon e-mail you the story of Iggy’s “special guest appearance” at Brownsville Station’s show at the Birmingham Palladium.

  32. I was at that show. Sir Lord Baltimore kicked em' out. Always thought they were from England, but they were from NY. Strange at the time that Fleetwood Mac headlined, although they were Gigantic in Detroit, the Sabbath boys had the hit record--With A Bullet--hahaha. I was at the Friday show, and Fleetwood Mac played on & were excellent! Have a lot of fine memories of that ole' vaudeville theatre. I worked there for 2 weeks, until they found out i BS'ed them on my minor age and was let go.


  34. One show I remember clearly was Humble Pie opening for Johnny Winter. People were sitting on the floor and it was shoulder to shoulder crowded. If there had been a fire that night we all would have died, but what a rock and roll show!

  35. My first concern I was 12 �� Humble Pie , J Giles and Joe Cockers band The Greece Band one of the best days of my LIFE !!! Man where did 51 years go , such an innocent time many life lessons learned with so many beautiful people it’s a shame we all can’t live that way now ��